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Welcome to Cardiff City of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary is a national movement of city groups where local people, organisations and their communities work together to make their cities safe and welcoming to people seeking sanctuary from war and other forms of persecution.

As a City of Sanctuary, Cardiff aims to ensure that:

  • People’s culture, skills and differences are accepted as a positive complement to Cardiff as a city.
  • There is a shared commitment and a service infrastructure that facilitates an environment of sanctuary.
  • There is a culture of welcome that creates relationships, community cohesion and inclusion.

The Cardiff City of Sanctuary networking group invites all organisations, local groups and individuals to join us and help make Cardiff proud to be a place of safety. Cardiff City of Sanctuary supporters includes community centres, charities, faith groups, social clubs, schools, local services and businesses, as well as refugee organisations and volunteers.

Cardiff City of Sanctuary supports organisations to pledge to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities through awarding these organisations with a Sanctuary Award, which is valid for 3 years before an organisation needs to reapply. The Sanctuary Awards help City of Sanctuary to raise awareness of the issues faced by people seeking sanctuary in Cardiff and to make them feel welcomed in their community. 

Click on the links to see the full list of organisations who have received a Sanctuary Award: 

For more information about Sanctuary Awards, please email [email protected]

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