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Homes for Ukraine Scheme in Wales – how to find out more

The UK-wide Homes for Ukraine Scheme is now live:

Details of how this will operate are still being finalised with input from local authorities and the third sector, especially those with years’ experience in running similar hosting schemes safely and effectively.

In Wales the Welsh Government will be a ‘super-sponsor’, which means it will be able to manage how it is run in partnership with local authorities and the third sector. See

If you are interested in the scheme, or already registered, the Welsh Refugee Coalition information event on Thursday 24 March at 5pm will be really helpful in learning how it will work – with speakers from the Welsh Government, local authorities and others.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest here: Register for event Thursday 5pm

The City of Sanctuary UK is also holding two events that will focus on UK wide aspects. They plan other events to support those volunteering to be hosts.

As soon as practical we’ll aim for a similar event for any in Cardiff who still have questions.

Page Last Updated: 21 March 2022