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Cardiff City of Sanctuary

The Cardiff City of Sanctuary is part of a national movement which builds a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for individuals seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. It is a grass-roots movement that facilitates the active participation of individuals and organisations to create cities that support the vision.

The strategic vision:

Cardiff as a city which is welcoming to all is proud to offer sanctuary to those fleeing violence or persecution and celebrates the contribution of asylum seekers and refugees to city life.

Our Network:

The Cardiff City of Sanctuary Network creates space for local partnerships to grow with people and organisations sharing information, delivering joined-up projects and cementing working relationships between organisations that support people seeking sanctuary.

Our Cardiff City of Sanctuary Strategy and Action Plan, June 2013

In June 2013, Cardiff developed a strategy and action plan which form the basis for its application for City of Sanctuary Status.  Please read more here


The Cardiff City of Sanctuary works with Cities of Sanctuary across Wales and the Welsh Refugee Coalition to organise events that aim to create a Nation of Sanctuary, a Wales that is safe and welcoming to people fleeing conflict, violence and persecution.

Recently we supported the successful ‘Sanctuary in the Senedd’ event that heard the testimonies of refugees from across Wales, discussed what a Nation of Sanctuary would mean in Wales and questioned Welsh political parties on their commitments to sanctuary.

Sanctuary Speakers

We are working to develop a group of asylum seeker and refugee speakers who want to talk to organisations about the realities of seeking sanctuary. If you are interested in organising an event where speakers share their stories please get in contact with Leila Usmani.

Our Luncheon Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy a meal prepared by people seeking sanctuary and hear about their experiences in Cardiff. If you would like to host the Luncheon Club at your organisation, please contact Mat Salley.

We are making links with primary and secondary schools in Cardiff to help them consider making their school a School of Sanctuary.

Cardiff Council Support

Cardiff Council has reiterated their support ‘in principle’ and have begun to set in place certain actions such as setting a Migration Multi Agency Group. The Regional Community Cohesion Officer also sits on the Networking Group