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Displaced People in Action were successful in gaining Big Lottery Funding for their ‘Wales Cities of Sanctuary’ project. The project offers new ways to support Asylum Seekers and organisations working in Swansea (and Cardiff) during these challenging times.  The next three years will be very exciting for the Swansea City of Sanctuary.

Long Term vision: For Wales to become a “Nation of Sanctuary”

Medium term vision:  For Cardiff and Swansea to become cities which:

  • Are welcoming to all
  • Are proud to offer sanctuary to those fleeing violence or persecution
  • Support and include asylum seekers and refugees
  • Celebrate their contribution to city life.

Our aims

  • To transform the experience of asylum seekers and refugees living in Cities across Wales for the better.
  • To make Wales a better place for everyone by spreading a culture of welcome and recognising the contribution of all to our cities

What would our vision look like in practice?

Wherever people seeking sanctuary go in Welsh cities – e.g. schools, services, voluntary groups, businesses, faith and  community groups, their own neighbourhoods and streets– they would find people who welcome them, understand why they are here, support them, and, most important of all include them actively as participants, volunteers and members.

The City of Sanctuary Process – Working towards our Vision.

“City of Sanctuary is what all its supporters do!”