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General Election Resources and Briefing

If you want to contact your candidates for Parliament, here are some resources that you may find especially helpful.

Follow this link to see all Asylum Matters election resources:

Two key initiatives Asylum Matters have listed are below.

Refugee Action have produced a range of campaign tools. You can email your candidates and download a local campaigning guide with suggestions on ways to raise issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum on the doorstep and at hustings. This includes a new version of their election door hanger, which gives you key questions to raise with canvassers and candidates on the doorstep! Share the campaign video to spread the word.

Refugee Council (based in London) have released an election pack, which covers the key policy issues affecting refugees and people seeking asylum and how you can raise them during the election campaign. They are also gathering feedback on any responses supporters have received from candidates and political parties on these issues, which you can share via email at [email protected].