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Responding to the Far Right – lessons learned from Luton

Responding to the Far Right – lessons learned from Luton  with Peter Adams, Christian community peacemaker

At Room 440, Cardiff and Vale College, City Centre Campus, Dumballs Road, Cardiff CF10 5BF

On Monday 26 September 2016

From 6.30pm – 8.00pm

With opportunity for Q&A

Please come to hear Peter Adams, a church leader who in recent years has been involved in community peace-making and interfaith relations in Luton, one of the UK’s most diverse communities.

In 2009 after witnessing the riot in the town that led to the formation of the English Defence League, Peter brought together Christian and Muslim leaders to commit to hold together despite the extremism that was trying to pull them apart. Since then as Luton has faced demonstrations and regular smaller disruptions from EDL and more recently Britain First, he has both worked closely with the Muslim community to challenge the lies and hatred generated, as well as to understand the conflicts and issues in the town, and help the community seek resolution.

Peter is involved in nationwide projects to challenge hate crimes and extremism, and is working closely with Hope Not Hate to help them understand and work more closely with faith groups.  In December 2012 Peter received Luton’s Outstanding Citizen Award for his work in the town, and the award for Community Champion in 2015.

This meeting will be of relevance to people of all faiths and none who are working towards peaceful co-existence and to build cohesion in our communities.

To reserve a place, please email Jim on [email protected]

The event is being supported by Hope Not Hate